Conor Smith

Conor is the founding member of The Professionals, along with Mark (drummer). Having established the band in December 2009, they have grown the band from strength to strength, now cementing the band as Irelands most in demand wedding band.
Having 10 years experience playing across the country in some of Ireland’s top bands, Conor has also worked with some of the leading names on the international music scene, such as Tony Arata (writer of Garth Brooks Hit The Dance) and Graham Goldham (10cc).
Having played to crowds of over 15,000 people, Conor knows how to hold them in the palm of his hand, and make them feel part of the entertainment as opposed to simply audiences/guests.
Conor’s moto is, ‘if we can’t enjoy it, then we can’t expect our audiences to enjoy it’, thus why Conor’s skills as a front man are renowned throughout the scene, as he feels it’s very important to make it a night to Remember for everyone, including the band.
Design: eyedent
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